The Moox Bike: Add Ride and Glide™ to YOUR day!

Riding...and Gliding!

Introducing the Moox Bike, the first-of-its kind bike and scooter hybrid. Welcome to a totally new and exhilarating social riding experience. With Moox Bike, you can:  
  • Pedal like a traditional bicycle....OR
  • Use the patented platform design to glide and scoot
Use the Moox Bike any way you want - it's up to you, on the fly, to choose to ride or glide in eye-catching style. The Moox Bike begs to be noticed: its innovative design and striking colors not only make it fun to ride and glide, but turns heads along the way.

The Moox Bike: The Facts

Moox Bike: The Details

Design and Functionality

The Moox Bike’s original design and hybrid riding functionality places thrills and fun first. Its innovative design, construction and architecture provide an extremely comfortable and fluid ride. The Moox Bike is structurally sound and no-fuss -- it will last for years with minimal maintenance. Each Moox Bike is individually tested and adheres to the highest industry standards.

Frame Color Options*


* subject to change


What’s Your Moox Bike Story?

Moox riders recognize that sometimes the journey is far more important than the destination. The Moox Bike is appealing to urban dwellers, the environmentally conscious, early adopters, commuters, and casual riders who want to add spark and personality to their daily travels. Every ride you take offers an opportunity to create a new Moox Bike Story...we can't wait to hear yours!

Want to learn more about the Moox Bike?

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We'd love to hear from you, whether it's to tell us your Moox Bike story, or to learn more about the Moox Bike and how you can making riding and gliding a daily part of your life.

So drop us a note using the handy form to the right. Someone from the Moox team will get back to you as soon as we can. And thanks in advance for reaching out - we love to hear from everyone!

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