Your Questions aout Moox Bike Answered

Is it difficult to pedal uphill?

Pedaling a Moox Bike is no more difficult than pedaling any bike up a hill. The 7 speed Shimano Drivetrain is geared perfectly for the most challenging hills.

I just contributed to the Kickstarter campaign – when can I expect my Moox Bike?

Thank you for your support! The Moox Bike will be available in early spring 2016.

What colors does the Moox Bike come in?

  • Green
  • Red/Orange
  • Blue
  • White
  • Charcoal

Can I add a signature option to my shipping order?


Do you ship worldwide?


What are the shipping box dimensions:

4’5” (length) x 2’5” (height)

How is the bike shipped?

The Moox Bike will be shipped using standard shipping carriers.

Where do you ship from?

From our warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why would someone pay $999?

The Moox Bike offers dual functionality of a bicycle and a scooter. It’s actually priced lower than purchasing a scooter and a bike separately.

Does the bike come assembled?

The bikes will be shipped 85% assembled. The wheels, handlebar, seat post as well as other minor components must be assembled upon receipt. Certain other minor adjustments might be required after assembly, such as the derailleur and the brakes. If you are not familiar with bicycle mechanics, we suggest you have it assembled by a professional in a local bike shop, or just give us a call we would be happy to talk you through basic adjustments!

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