Moox Bike Solves the Last-Mile Challenge

November 30th, 2015

Moox Bike: Bike Lane Shot

Since the launch of the Moox Bike Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been asked many questions about how to get the most out of the Moox Bike’s unique hybrid bicycle-scooter features.

In addition to just riding and gliding for the thrill of it the Moox Bike in particular was designed to help riders navigate crowded areas, whether for leisure rides or work commutes.

In particular, as city centers get busier, city dwellers and commuters face more and more challenges efficiently navigating from public transit hubs and parking structures to their offices and destinations. Transportation experts have dubbed this particular challenge the “last-mile” commute challenge.

On average, we spend a year of our lives commuting to and from the office: doing the math, that’s  10,634 hours. 

In 2003, the average commute was approximately 45 minutes, today that number has increased to approximately 54 minutes per day.*

The Moox Bike’s unique hybrid bicycle-scooter design deftly addresses the last-mile challenge that commuters face.

The Moox Bike enables riders to pedal distances both quickly and comfortably with a 7-speed drivetrain.

The wide platform design also enables riders to scoot and glide through crowded streets, paths, and sidewalks as needed.

Combine the two functions and – voila! – you get a versatile and stylish solution to the last-mile commute.


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